Congrats to Francis Crowe

NORTHAMPTON — Frances Crowe, a 95-year-old Northampton resident who has dedicated her life to the peace and nuclear disarmament movement and received the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award in 2007, was one of seven to receive an honorary degree from Smith College on May 17.

Crowe was born in Carthage, Missouri, worked for Bell Labs during World War II, and became an anti-war activist after hearing about the bombing of civilian populations in Japan, according to her recent memoir entitled “Finding my Radical Soul.”

Crowe was conferred a Doctor of Humane Letters by Smith College President Kathleen McCarney, Trustees Chair Elizabeth M. Eveillard, in presenting Crowe for the degree, praised her for her “tireless march towards peace:”

“From counseling conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War to painting ‘Though Shalt Not Kill’ on nuclear submarine missile tubes, to creating a pirate broadcast that first brought the radio show ‘Democracy Now’ to Northampton, you have proven that the efforts of a few can change the course of many.  Read more.

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